Hello! I am Victoria

I am city skyline and landscape photographer. I fell in love with photography when I bought my first digital camera Canon 5d Mark II back in 2011.
1826 Locust Street, Bainbridge

Action Shots

To nail a clear action shot for sports, animals or anything else, the most important aspect is to be prepared. Consider pre-focusing your shot, so when the subject enters the frame, you’re ready.

Because it may take several shots to capture even one solid photo, shoot in short bursts for a few seconds at a time. Keep extra space at either edge of your frame to allow for your subject’s movement.

It’s always worth having a look at the environmental credentials of any trip you pick.

best explored with the freedom of sailing the oceans

Your camera equipment plays a large role in your work as a photographer. Your tools, like your lenses, can fundamentally change the structure of your art. To sharpen your skills, try using a single lens for an entire month. Ideally, the lens will be new to you allowing you to master the new tool and broaden your photography skills.

  • Cruise the Croatian Coastline
  • Sail around the volcanic Azores of Portugal
  • Go wild for wildlife amongst the Galapagos Islands

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