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We are a Full-Time Travel Family. How?

It's time to explain how we went from family gap year travelers to nomadic. But is this nomadic travel lifestyle really so great? What are the pros and cons and is it as much fun as it looks?

We never set out to be full-time family travelers. this family travel blog was just a hobby that became a business, a huge resource for travel tips, information, and know-how.

How We Became a Full-Time Travel Family

We headed off on a family gap year (or 2) and decided it was too good to stop so we made it happen through hard work and determination. We are from the UK and Australia, we have also been based in Romania and Vietnam, you'll find that it's very common for families that travel full-time or for extended periods to be of mixed nationalities.
  • The Kids Education in Extended Travel
  • Practicalities of Finding Accommodation For Full-Time Travel Families
  • Health and Sickness on the Road

How to Afford Full-Time Travel?

A short family round the world (RTW) trip can be funded on savings. This is how we got started and year 1 cost us $30,000 back in 2013. $ US and $Au were pretty much equivalent back then.

In 2019 I honestly don't think it would cost much more as prices seem to have dropped as travel slumps. Of course, if you're packing a deflated currency like the UK pound, it would be much harder for you now.

You need to cut all expenses back home, you can't continue to pay a mortgage or big bills while you're on the road full-time or permanently. We rented our house out, others sell if homeownership looks like too great a financial burden.

Full-time travel, for our family, was way cheaper than staying home, and way more fun.

By David N Brace


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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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