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Travel After Covid: How I’m Adapting My Plans


No, it wasn't the kind of globe-trotting international travel I usually blog about here. I went on a road trip and B&B stay in Portugal, where I live, and where domestic travel restrictions were recently lifted.

But even though I'm traveling much closer to home than I had planned this year and even though there are still all sorts of limitations to traveling during this time. I'm grateful to be traveling again in some form. After spending my time in lockdown writing about past trips, I'm also eager to talk about travel in the present tense again.

So… this isn't back to normal

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Around the beginning of this month, I noticed the first signs of life returning to normal in Portugal. I was walking through my local park in Lisbon and heard something that had been absent for two months: the ceaseless sound of traffic whooshing past along the nearby 25th of April bridge.

The coming months

Looking further out into this year, well, who knows?

International travel is still very much up in the air, so to speak. I'm actually quite bullish and believe current views on what is possible will get outdated quite quickly. My bet is we'll be surprised by how different the world already looks a month or two from now. But that's just my hunch; I'm not thinking about international travel very much and I'm not promoting it at the moment.

Whether it's to research future trips or simply to travel vicariously on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I love to watch travel TV shows.

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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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