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My Pre-Corona Travels (And What I’m Doing Now)


I didn't post much here or on social media since the pandemic hit, as I felt that you may have other things on your mind than travel. I mean, who wants to hear from a travel blogger when you're dealing with lockdowns, major disruptions to your life, and worrying about loved ones?

But I thought now might be the time to share a little about how I experienced the recent events and what I'm doing during this period of isolation.

This pandemic is obviously leaving a huge mark on the world. I find myself trying to game out how this thing will play out.

by David R.

Cape Verde

It feels like ages ago, but until March 12 I was still travelling. I'd been spending 10 days backpacking on Cape Verde, a trip I'd planned long ago and decided not to cancel. If you haven't heard of Cabo Verde, that wouldn't be surprising. Many travelers would probably struggle to point it on a map!


As lockdowns were now on the horizon, I stayed in Lisbon and prepared for an extended time at home. My girlfriend who's been working in Seville came back to Lisbon so we could isolate together.

The first week of self-isolation was a little stressful. My thoughts were mainly with my parents, who are older and live in the Netherlands, where the virus was not taken very seriously at first. (I think my parents did, but many in the Netherlands didn't.)



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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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