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Moulay Idriss: The Sacred Heart of Morocco.

Moulay Idriss is not on every traveler's agenda, even though it's considered the holiest city of Morocco. For good reason. Until 2005, non-Muslims were not permitted to stay overnight in Moulay Idriss.

A road trip through Morocco

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Guide books warned the tourists who "dared" to visit to be out of town by 3 pm. We were yet again on a road trip through Morocco, this time our journey would take us all the way to Mauritania, but before, we wanted to explore the northern parts a bit more. Moulay Idriss made its way onto our map because we wanted to see for ourselves, what made this city so holy.

Beauty and calm atmosphere

I've been travelling since the early 70s. Today, the older I get, the more exotic my destinations become.

by Ulli

We arrived in Tangier with the ferry from Geneva and had already passed beautiful Chefchaouen. Moulay Idriss would be our next destination before continuing to Fez. We heard that it was considered an alternative to the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca by many Moroccans. 

It was here that Moulay Idriss I, the great-great-great-grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, arrived in 789, bringing with him the religion of Islam, and starting a new dynasty. In addition to founding the town named after him, he also initiated the construction of Fez, continued later by his son, Moulay Idriss II.



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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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